Welcome and Introduction

On behalf of Fred and Ginger, I would like to welcome you all here and thank you for joining us on this magnificent day in the White Mountains.   For many of you, it was not easy to get here – we realize New Hampshire is quite a trek for many of you – and the bride and groom want to thank all of their friends and family who could make the journey to be with them here today. Your presence here, to be witnesses on this day, shows this couple how much you care about them, and it means a lot to them.  Everyone here is very special to the couple and each of you as enriched their lives   In these moments we think of those loved ones who are no longer here to share this special day.  We ask you to take a moment and remember those we miss, especially Fred's grandfather Milton. 


Ceremony Ideas

When using a Justice of the Peace to officiate your wedding, you are open to create a wedding ceremony almost any way that you can imagine. While that is very liberating, it can also be confusing as to how to start. I have many sample ceremonies for you to look at and use for inspiration. Many couples will end up cutting and pasting pieces of ceremonies that they like together and then adding their own special touches. Feel free to do what you like, ask me for assistance or just ask me to write a whole ceremony for you. I am here to provide as much or as little assistance as you need. 

Most ceremonies have five major components: 

  • Introduction or greeting to the assembled guests
  • Intentions, where the bride and groom state that they are about to enter into a marriage
  • Vows, where the bride and groom state their feelings/promises toward each other
  • Ring Ceremony, where the bride and groom exchange rings
  • Pronouncement, where the officiant pronounces them married
You can also add or delete anything that you want. Consider readings performed by friends or relatives, music passages, religious passages or anything else that you'd like to add.