sand ceremony is a nice way to show the blending of a new family



Here are some ways that other couples have acknowledged their children or the children of their spouse in a ceremony. 


A reading for a family

Sand Ceremony with children

Sample #1 Wendy and Doug

Sample #2 Melanie and Bill 

Sample #3 Anne and Dana

Sample #4 Jennifer and Keith

Sample #5 Jan and Jacques

Sample #6 James and Jennifer and Joe


Intentions toward a child or children that can be read in addition to your intentions

Fred and Ginger, as you make your vows to each other, with the promise of love and companionship for one another, will you also do the same for Bobby and Susie? Will you promise to honor and respect them as individuals and guide their growth and development? Will you pledge to cherish them, encourage them, and make your home a place where there is trust, love, friendship and laughter? Will you hold their hand through their mistakes rather than preventing them from making them? Will you promise to show them how to find happiness rather than tell them? Will you make these promises to Bobby and Susie,  lovingly and freely?

[Response: Yes.]