Groom and Bride, as you have made your vows to each other, with the promise of love and companionship for one another, will you also do the same for <children’s names>?

Will you promise to honor and respect them as individuals and guide their growth and development? Will you pledge to cherish them, encourage them, and make your home a place where there is trust, love, friendship and laughter?

Will you hold their hand through their mistakes rather than preventing them from making them? Will you promise to show them how to find happiness rather than tell them? Will you make these promises lovingly and freely?

We will


Here are some sample Intentions:

Intentions are generally the Officiant asking you to state your intentions and indicate that you are here to be married. It is the “I do” or “I will” statement.  “I will” is for the future and “I do” is for the present tense, so I prefer to use “I will” if possible,  however, as long as you answer in the affirmative it’s good!

Sample #1. Bride, will you have Groom as your husband, in times of good fortune as well as adversity, forsaking all others to be a kind and faithful wife?  Do you promise to base your life with Groom on love, caring, and understanding?  Do you pledge to speak and to listen, to give and to receive, and to be considerate of his wishes and desires?

I will

Sample #2. Groom, do you take Bride as your friend and love, beside you and apart from you, in laughter and in tears, in conflict and tranquility, asking her to be none other than herself, loving what you know of her, in all the ways that life may find you both until death do you part?

I do

Sample #3. Groom, do you choose Bride to be your partner in all of life’s adventures, to whom you give your deepest love and devotion? Do you pledge to speak and listen, to give and receive, and to be considerate of her wishes and desires?

 I will

Sample for both plus parents:  Bride and Groom, with friends and family as witnesses, do you present yourselves and of you own accord to be joined in marriage?

 We do

 Will you promise to care for each other in the joys and sorrows of life, to be kind and faithful to each other, and to base your life together on love, caring and understanding?

 We do

Will the parents of the bride and groom please rise. Will you continue to love, support, and respect Laura and Joseph in their marriage and in their journey through life?

We will

Additional sample for the guests:  And, to everybody gathered here today, as the family and friends of Kristen and Kevin, you are here to express your love, hope and joy for this occasion. Will all of you, who have supported these two in friendship and love, now bestow your blessing upon them? Will you continue to love, support, and respect Kristen and Kevin in their marriage and in their journey through life?

(Everyone): We will.


Here are some fun and silly intentions you might consider: 


With that, I ask you right now,
Will you answer me right now?

These questions, as your wedding vow?

Bride and Groom: Yes, I will answer you right now,
Your questions as my solemn vow,
Bride: Provided our guests don’t have a cow.

Will you love him if he’s rich?
Will you love her in a ditch?
From today until the end of time,
Even if his words don’t rhyme?

Groom: I will love her if she’s rich
Bride: And I will love him in a ditch
Groom: And I will even love her when she’s being a b…eautiful princess.

Will you love him for richer, for poorer,
Will you love her for quiet or snorer,
From today until the cows come home,
And never stop writing goofy poems?

Bride: I will love him if he’s poor.
Groom: I will love her if she snores.
Bride: And I will love him when he’s a bore.

Will you love with all your heart?
Will you love till death do you part?
Will you have and forever hold,
Each others’ hearts ‘till the stars grow cold?

Bride and Groom: I will love her/him forever a thousand fold,
‘Till death do us part and our blood grow cold,
Groom: to have and forever hold.

Will you love through good and bad?
Will you love in times happy and sad?

Bride and Groom: I will love her/him through good and bad,
And in times happy and sad.
Bride: Cause he’s the best friend I ever had.

Will you take him as your mate?
Will you have her as your date?
From this day on and ever more,
No matter what your life may have in store?

Bride and groom: I will have her/him as my mate,
Starting on this our wedding date.
Bride: Might as well, as it’s our fate.

If you’ll be wed through and through,
Please answer with the words:

Bride and Groom: I do!

Now, by the power vested in me, by the State of New Hampshire, I am happy to pronounce you husband and wife. You're married now! So kiss the bride, enthusiastically and with pride.