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About Kim

Kimberly "Schroeder" Steward lives in the Jackson/Bartlett area of the Mount Washington Valley in New Hampshire with her boyfriend Keith and trusty canine side-kick Mattidale. She has performed over 650 weddings around the State of NH since 2001. She specializes in back-country weddings or other unusual places and although she enjoys the smaller and more spontaneous weddings the best, she is perfectly happy to do traditional, large-scale events as well. Whatever the size and scope of your venue, she wants to make your wedding day special. 

In 2010 she concluded a 21 year career with the Appalachian Mountain Club and began a new career with White Mountain Oil & Propane with a goal to better focus on weddings on her time off. She also volunteers her time as a Lieutenant & Public Information Officer for the Jackson Fire Dept and had served as the Vice President of the Friends of the Jackson Public Library for 15 years. She skis and kayaks in her off time and is also a league member and on the Board of Directors for the Mount Washington Valley Curling Club. Her dog Matti will sometimes accompany her to outdoor weddings, when appropriate.