"John and I wanted to express our great appreciation for the time, attention and effort you dedicated to our wedding.  You made our ceremony so special, meaningful and memorable.  The reception that followed after, was a direct result of the heartfelt words and emotion of the ceremony.  We are continuing to hear from some long time married couples, that it reminded them of what marriage is really about, since, as you know, we sometimes tend to focus on the wrong things. " John and Inna, June 2012


Dear Kim,

It was a pleasure to meet you at our daughter’s wedding. You presided over  an awesome love affair that will last forever. Keep up the wonderful work of bringing  people in love together for the journey of life. Sincerely, Dave (father of the bride, Tuftonboro, July 2013)




"Thank you so much for officiating our wedding day. We are very appreciative of your support throughout the process and for being so kind and easy to work with. Thank you once again for being such a crucial part of our special day!" Kate and Pat, September 2017

"Christopher and I wanted to thank you for making our wedding day so special.  You made the entire process so easy, we never felt stressed about putting together the ceremony and your suggestions made it that much easier.  The day of our wedding went so smoothly and was so relaxing.  My family still tells me what an amazing job you did and we couldn't agree more.  We are so thankful you were able to be a part of our wedding!  Thank you"  Haley and Christopher, June 2017
"Kimberly was excellent to work with!! Easy going, helpful, caring, respectful of all wishes! Her pronunciation and boisterous voice was a perfection to our ceremony! I would highly recommend her! Thank you so much for being a part of our special day!" Jenn and Rocco, May 2017


"Hi Kim,
We just wanted to say Thank You for all of your help throughout the wedding process. It was great to have your feedback to help put our ceremony together in a way that suit us. You were so engaging and put us both at ease during the ceremony. You have such a beautiful tone and emphasis on the words you are speaking, it was just beautiful! Thank you for being apart of our special day and helping us to make it all the more special.
Love, Katey and Sam" Jackson, May 2017

"Hi Kim, This is a little overdue to say the least but as you can imagine we have both been extremely busy since the wedding. We would both like to once again extend our gratitude towards you. We could not have chosen a better jp to officiate our wedding. You were kind and courteous not only to us but to our family and friends as well which really means a lot. You were a big reason why our day was so special and would just like to say thank you for officiating the ceremony of our dreams. We wish you nothing but the best and we hope you enjoyed your summer. Thanks again for being part of our special day! It truly was an honor. -Best Regards"  Matthew and Nicole- North Conway, July 2016


"Hello Kim, I just wanted to say that you have a beautiful way of performing JP weddings. Thank you for making our moment special.  "  Monica and Kevin - Pinkham Notch, September 2016

"Kim was so awesome. My husband and I wanted to have an incredibly short ceremony and Kim allows you creative freedom throughout the whole process. She is very fast at getting back to you when contacted, usually within a day. We had one meeting before the wedding day and she had no problem doing so, she was the one to suggest it to me. When we met up I gave her what I had come up with for our ceremony and she thought we needed a little reading/quote at the beginning to make it flow a little better and she picked the perfect one for us. She didn't really know us that well and we loved what she chose. Kim's prices are very reasonable! And she is very flexible for time and day. We had our ceremony on a Wednesday at 5:30pm, she has another job she was working that day and she rushed home to change into wedding attire and then headed straight to our ceremony site. Kim was awesome to work with and very genuine, I would definitely recommend her! Thank you Kim!!" Melissa and Andrew, June 2015 (via Wedding Wire)


"I just wanted to thank you again for everything. You made the process of creating our ceremony so easy. Your website was great! We could not be happier with how the ceremony went. I don't think there was a dry eye in the room:) You are awesome! We plan to renew our vows every so often so I will be sure to contact you:) Thank you again!!!" Jacqueline and Michael, February 2015

"If you are looking for a JP, Kim is your girl. She was fantastic. She gave us input, and suggested changes that worked perfectly for us." Sunna and Beth, 12-13-14 (via Wedding Wire)

"Kim Steward was our wonderful JP at the Whitney's Inn on 8/9/14. She knows the venue well and everything went off without a hitch. Her website is very helpful and gave us a format to work with. She created a serene and loving tone for our wedding ceremony!" Tracey and Jason, August 2014 (via Wedding Wire)

"Kim was amazing! Her website is so informative and she was always quick to answer any questions. My fiancé (well, now husband) met her the day of and thought she was great! Clear spoken during ceremony but kept it flowing very nicely! Highly recommend! " Katie and Rich, August 2014 (via Wedding Wire)


"Ed and I wanted to send you a quick thank you for making our day so special. We had so many friends and family members say they loved our ceremony and how unique and special it was. All thanks to you and your resources, we were able to build one that fit us perfectly. Thank you for pulling it all together." Ed and Audra, June 2014

"we looked over what you sent us and we both love what you have put together!!  We like it just the way it is.  You are very talented and I am so happy we found you." Anna and Chris, August 2014

"Kim was the best JP I could ask for. Since the beginning of wedding planning, to the middle, and the end she was always just an e-mail away and responded quickly. She was so easy to work with and her own website made it simple to put together the perfect ceremony. I enjoyed reading the examples of previous wedding ceremonies and this helped bring mine to life. Having Kim there to bring forth us as husband and wife was the best decision I ever made! Thank you for everything Kim!!" Amy and Shaun, October 2013 (via WeddingWire.com)


 "Kim was so great to work with. She accommodated my schedule so that I could meet up with her months before the wedding when I was visiting New England from California. She offered great feedback on the ceremony we wrote and did a great job during the ceremony. She was very sweet and we were very happy with the service." Lacey, October 2013 (via WeddingWire.com)

"Dear Kim, Thank you so much for officiating our wedding ceremony and helping us with all our planning questions. The ceremony was perfect and you and your website were all great when planning. Thank you." Sarah and Joe, January 2014

"We would like to thank you so very much for the wonderful job you did in making our BIG day so special. You professionalism, sincere understanding of our wishes and your personal warmth will always be remembered. You are truly a credit to your profession." Dave and Jill, October 2013
"Kim was excellent! She did a great job as our JP in Jackson, NH. She was VERY helpful as we prepared our ceremony, and was not only sweet, kind, and easy to work with, but wonderfully professional, too. She responded to emails so quickly; I really appreciate how much she helped us organize and plan our ceremony. Because of her, our ceremony was seamless! I whole-heartedly recommend her services!" Kelly, September 2013 (via WeddingWire.com)

"Thank you so much for making our wedding ceremony so meaningful. We'll always remember repeating after you our blessings while looking out over the White Mountains and feeling so blessed. The guidance that you provided made building our ceremony a fun and enjoyable process and we'll never forget it. Thank you again." Lauren and Shawn, June 2013

"I'm sorry if you've gotten tired of us telling you "thank you" for being so helpful, but thank you again. I was glad that you encouraged us to look through past ceremonies you had done so that we could plan our ceremony out. I felt more prepared for the ceremony and I felt like it had more meaning to it because we didn't just ask someone else to write it or go with whatever they wrote, as we'd originally planned. Also, your reminders kept me on my feet when I had lost track of time before the wedding during the planning. Although I did not spend anwhere near as much time contacting you as I did my other vendors, your job was really the most important part of the day and it went splendidly. " Kathryn and Daniel Cuevas, January 2013

"We eloped on Cathedral Ledge in NH. Kim was extremely pleasant and prompt in all of our e-mails leading up to the event. Upon meeting Kim on the day of the ceremony, I was extremely happy that she agreed to perform our ceremony. She was gracious, prompt, incredibly sweet and made the moment special. I would highly recommend Kim to anyone in need of a one of a kind JP. She was exactly what I had hoped for and more." Betty-Jo, May 2013 (via WeddingWire.com)

"Kim is a wonderful JP to work with. Communication with her was superb. Her website is an invaluable resource for wedding ceremony ideas and planning and she offered many great suggestions for our ceremony. Overall, it was a great experience working with her and we would highly recommend her to any couple." Angela and Carter, October 2012

"I love what you did!!! its amazing! you're awesome!!! I'm so happy my mom pointed me to you!! I'm all smiles right now!!! thank you thank you thank you!!! you just set all my worries to rest. I cant thank you enough. thank you so much. I'm almost crying." Emily, September 2012

 "My wife and I hired Kim to be our JP for a wedding on top of Bretton Woods. She wa
s very easy to work with, easy to communicate with and the service we held was perfect. We couldn't and wouldn't have done it as well without her. Thanks Again Kim!"  Adam and Jess, March 2012

"Thank you so much! Things worked out simply, beautifully and with grace. I can't imagine a wedding more perfectly suited to us. Thank you for everything." Steve and Jerry, October 26th, 2011

“We quickly realized that Kim was a more organized planner than we were as she would check in with us regularly to make sure our ceremony plans were coming along. We greatly appreciated her attention to detail, so many of her suggestions were crucial ones we hadn't even thought of. During the rehearsal Kim was able to effortlessly gather our large wedding party and keep them on track, which was a very impressive task as they are a rather rambunctious group. All of our guests commented on what a wonderful job Kim did officiating the ceremony. When we couldn't get the unity candles lit because of the light breeze we just shrugged it off.  Kim was able to keep our guests relaxed with us while she finished the unity candle reading and continued with the ceremony. We couldn’t have asked for a better person to guide us through a most memorable day of our lives.”   Molly and John July 16, 2011
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being a part of our special day. It meant a lot to both of us tht you understood our love of the outdoors and could make our day everything we hoped it would be."  Bethany and Joel, June 23rd, 2012
"Kim was the JP for our wedding in Jackson New Hampshire in March 2012. Kim was incredibly comfortable and easy to work with from first contact. Family & guests continue to comment on her professionalism and ability to speak and be heard even in an outdoor environment. I would confidently recommend Kim to other couples." Jennie, March 2012 (via WeddingWire.com)
"The person originally slated to do our ceremony dropped out at almost the last minute, leaving us limited time to find a replacement. Even with such short notice, Kim managed to work us in on a day she already had a ceremony scheduled. Kim was easy to communicate with, and worked with us to shape our ceremony. She reviewed and made suggestions to our ceremony until we settled on the right wording. The day of the ceremony went smoothly, thanks to Kim's preparedness and professionalism. She was easy to work with and did a great job keeping the nervous groom calm! Overall, Kim did a great job. She was easy to work with, very professional, and made our ceremony go smoothly. We would recommend her to anyone! James and Jenna Evans, May 21st, 2011

"Thank you so much for being the JP for our wedding. Your expertise proved to make a huge difference as our guests loved the poems we created and the "I will's". We would definitely recommend you to anyone. Our wedding day was absolutely perfect." Nick and Kozeta, July 2010

"Everyone who has watched the video says how beautiful the ceremony was. Your links on your website were invaluable in choosing just the right words to say when dedicating ourselves to each other. Your approach to your role as Justice of the Peace and the ceremony, not to mention your willingness to perform them in some pretty awesome locations-allowed us to be us and be fulfilled on our special day. You played a very special role on our very special day and were instrumental in making it not just special but PERFECT. Your links to Debony's, Meg Simone and Dutch Bloemen Winkel made our choices very easy. No one can believe I never met or spoke to any of you before such an event and you all made my day beautiful and perfect!!"  Chuck and Cindy Aquilla, July 2009 

“Heather and I where happy to have Kim officiate our marriage vows. It was a fun process from beginning to end. Kim was creative and flexible and not only didn't she bat an eye when we decided at the last minute to snowshoe out to the edge of Jackson Falls for the ceremony, but she thought it was a great idea! Can't speak highly enough of Kim.”Gary and Heather October 23, 2007

“Kim did a fantastic job facilitating our wedding as a JP. She gave us the guidance and suggestions we needed, and helped us to design a meaningful ceremony. She was a perfect combination of both professional and personal...just what we were looking for in an officiant to make our special day a success. We highly recommend her for anyone looking for a JP to marry them, especially if they are planning an outdoor wedding, as that is her specialty.” Dara and Jeremy October 3, 2007 

“Kim is a gifted and insightful Justice of the Peace. She worked with us for weeks while we were planning our wedding. She provided inspired and exceptional ideas for vows and readings to make our day extraordinary. Kim is professional, but also allowed her energy to shine through - she brought as much enthusiasm to the day as we did! Choosing Kim to perform our ceremony was a wonderful decision and we look back on the process as well as the day with fond memories.”Jennifer and Randy October 1, 2007

“Kim was great as our JP, and was also really helpful with decisions we had to make about vows and other parts of the ceremony. Obviously your wedding day is a pretty big deal, so we wanted to make sure we found a JP we both liked and could work with. Lisa and I really appreciated Kim’s suggestions and flexibility, and couldn’t have been happier with how everything turned out.” Eric and Lisa, May 6, 2009

"Thank you so very much for all of your support, help and guidance on Saturday.  Your assistance with the ceremony itself, your steady hand with the pinning of the flowers and your calming voice guiding us through the ceremony were all very much appreciated and beyond what we had imagined.  It was an amazing day for us filled with the best friends and family anyone can ask for.  Thanks for being a part of our day." Jan and Jacques, August 14, 2010